Face-to-Face Fundraising 

We provide the people power and know-how to help great groups expand their small-donor membership.  We do this through cutting-edge door-to-door strategies as well as site-based canvassing, all with a friendly ROI.

Voter Contact

We do the face-to-face kind, whether to persuade swing voters or to turn out supporters.  Boots on the ground, quick and scalable. 

Voter Registration

We can help expand the electorate to win a close race.  Voter registration can be a highly effective way to bring more of your supporters to the polls. 


The Outreach Team uses Membership Drive’s cutting edge technology. 

Membership Drive’s exclusive platform provides:

1.     More funding through proven techniques to maximize e-check donors, gift size, and unique payment methods such as payday giving;

2.     The start of a powerful member relationship, with 100% deliverability of email addresses and cell phones, and addresses verified to Zip+4;

3.     Cutting-edge donor retention features, including fraud prevention, automated retention reports, and donor age verification;

4.     Predictive analytics for hiring and retaining the best team to represent you; and

5.      Automation to keep us lean and generate a higher net income for your important work.